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Carl Rosa - Founder,

Carl Rosa is the President and Founder of the largest sushi-based organization in the United States (the Sushi Club of Houston), possessing more than 17,300 members.  He is an independant tour-guide to Japan; traveling to Japan eight times each year.


Since 2009, he has been a full-time sushi instructor, hosting classes in Houston, Dallas and Austin, Texas as well as Colorado Springs, Denver and Castle Rock, Colorado.  In 2016, Carl's sushi classes will expand into New Orleans (his hometown/birthplace) and Atlanta, Georgia.  Working directly with numerous corporations and associations, he owns and operates four businesses and three associations while filming documentaries on the Japanese culture while visiting Japan with an eager team of cameramen and researchers. is an entertaining, indepth look into Japan: a no-holds barred approach to discovering the extraordinary land of Japan with a deliberate emphasis on encouraging everyone to personally experience the Japanese culture.  This website is intended to educate, entertain and inspire.  To show every eager viewer the extraordinary facets of Japan; following Carl Rosa and his crew to every conceivable destination - exploring, learning and sharing.

Carl works directly with several corporations for private classes and demonstrations, including - the Museum of Fine Arts, the House of Blues, Shell Oil, Exxon/Mobil, PBS, NASA, Apple Computer and many more.  Additionally, he lectures at several educational institutions throughout the year - Sam Houston State University, Texas A&M, Rice University, the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, and the University of New Orleans to name just a few.


Carl, and his wife Sonya, have been married for 20 years and reside in three cities throughout the year - Houston, TX, Colorado Springs, CO and Asakusa (Tokyo), Japan.


"Pull out a piece of paper.  Write down one thing that you love to do.  It must be something that you love so much that you'd be willing to do it for free.  Then, slowly and carefully figure out a way to make a living from it while serving your fellow man.  You cannot possibly fathom the joy and fulfillment of every day.  Your Monday mornings are more fun and exciting than most people's Christmas season." - Carl Rosa

Carl Rosa poses for a quick photo at Kiyomizu Dera in Kyoto, Japan.

Carl Rosa at Kora-Kuen: Okayama, Japan.  December 18th, 2015

Carl Rosa (far right), poses for a quick photo with Mr. Brian Harrison (left), Mrs. Michelle Ferencik (second to left), Mr. Steven Alexander (2nd to right) at one of the very first Michelin-rated ramen shops in history: Tsuta (Tokyo, Japan) on December 6th, 2015.

At Sukiyabashi Jiro, Roppongi (Tokyo) with Mr. Ernest Robinson (left), Miss Casey Tan (2nd to left), 2-star Michelin chef Takashi Ono (2nd to right) and founder Carl Rosa (far right).

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