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Japanese Kit Kats Raise the Bar...Again!

Many Japan lovers know that Kit Kats are a very big deal in Japan. In fact, Japan supports and provides more than 308 flavors throughout Japan. However, it was just unveiled that Nestle Japan has elevated the interest in Kit Kats to a new level. Now, Nestlé Japan is overhauling five of its larger-sized KitKat products in September, swapping out their glossy plastic for a matte paper variation, though it's unclear if the new KitKats will adopt the same technique that Nestlé developed for what it claims to be the world's first recyclable paper candy wrapper.

The brand is even advocating a second use for the redesigned packaging by urging customers to turn the bags into paper cranes, so you'll not only be able to indulge in a sweet treat but also de-stress with a sweet new hobby.

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