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Carl provides a video of the small farming town of Kakegawa, Japan - the largest tea and kiwi farming community in all of Japan!

Visit the Kakegawa Tourism Page:

Things to do in Kakegawa:'s Kakegawa Travel Guide:

Ever wanted to visit the most amazing train station in all of Japan? Well, this video will show you the ins and outs of the Kyoto Train Station. Amazing station! Carl Rosa will guide you through this phenomenal train station, floor-by-floor!

The Kyoto Station Website: webpage to Kyoto Train Station:

Great Photos of the Kyoto Train Station:

Travel Japan’s helpful Kyoto Station webpage:

Have you ever wondered how to determine whether a woman is dressed as a Geisha...or perhaps a 'Maiko' (Geisha in training)? Well this video shows you how!

Here's some interesting facts you probably didn't know about the Geisha -

A website dedicated to the gorgeous photography of the Geisha:

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