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This video took more than 5 weeks to research and assemble. A lot of work! :) Tourists always marvel at Japan because their culture is so remarkably different. Nearly everyone who visits Japan truly falls in love with 'the way they do things.' I've carefully researched the five fundamental factors that, when combined together, produces a nation and culture that's truly addictive.


For more information on the Japanese Mindset (and how they think):

A Great Book on Understanding Japan and their people:

10 words that describe the Japanese people:

A great article on the fundamental business aspect of the Japanese mindset:

An article about 'How the Japanese Think.'

10 Lessons learned from the Japanese culture

While I was touring the city of Morioka, Japan, I also stumbled upon an amazing department store in the basement of an amazing building. Soon after, I began researching these amazing basement shopping centers (named Depachikas). Since one project influenced another, I put them together for this video.

Depachika PDF document mentioned in the video:

Great articles about Depachikas:

Japan Monthly Web Magazine -'s article:'s Article:

This video is dedicated to learning about Onsens (Japanese hot springs) and how to visit them. This visit provides examples of what to expect, how they function and the rules associated with them.

Here are some great onsen resources:

The Marriott's Guide to Onsens:

A website dedicated to seven amazing onsens in Japan:

30 Tattoo-friendly onsens in Japan:

Japan Guide's webpage dedicated to Onsens in the city of Hakone:

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